Urban Renewal Project A Calgary Case Study

Urban Renewal Project A Calgary Case Study

Successful urban renewal projects can be a challenge in any city. Here in Calgary’s East Village, urban renewal experts eagerly explore the streets, and the shops. This is a neighbourhood regeneration success story. It’s the kind of place that inspires those involved in sustainable urban development to do better. It’s a special kind of community that draws all sorts of people to our city. And the Home Trust Mortgage Company has made home ownership a reality for many of them. Be careful if you visit. The East Village just might cast it’s spell over you as well!

Stroll the two kilometres of RiverWalk, a path that winds it’s way along the banks of the Bow River. Savour a sumptuous Cantonese feast in nearby Chinatown. Feel the need to feed your brain instead? The New Central Library is now under construction. When completed it will be home to high-tech toys, computers and labs. And yes, this library will still have books. More than 600, 000 of them!

There are many rental units available in the East Village. But why pay your landlord’s mortgage when you can afford your own? Consulting with Steve Crews team of mortgage brokers is the first step to becoming a part of this up and coming community.

The urban renewal plan began in 2005, and construction on the project started in 2007. Infrastructure for the approximately 50 downtown Calgary acres was accomplished first. The East Village lies along the banks of the beautiful Bow River. In decades past, many dilapidated buildings near the river were abandoned and went to ruin. Recognizing they were beyond repair, the city had them torn down. A “mixed-use” approach to construction followed, and the area is now home to residential, commercial and public properties.

It’s a mixed crowd in the Village as well! The area is now home to young couples and families; artists, students and recent immigrants to the city. For many residents, being part of this creative and sustainable urban renewal development adventure is reason enough to make the move to the East Village. Construction recently began on The National Music Centre, set to be built around the historic “King Eddy” hotel.

The “Storm Pond” is a unique East Village nature attraction that also serves to collect, cleanse, and return storm water to the Bow River system. Rain water runs off the streets of the East Village into a bay area. Here the dirt, silt and sediment settle to the bottom of the pond. The water then flows into a wetland area that is heavily planted with aquatic plants. The water is naturally filtered by the plants and organisms in the pond and flows back into the river.

Not only does this storm water wetland system help prevent floods, it’s created an ideal habitat for birds, salamanders, frogs and even muskrats. Nature-loving Calgarians can take it all in from one of the many walkways or bridges in the area. There’s even been a lookout constructed for bird watchers on the prowl for their favourite feathered friends! The Storm Pond is an environmentally sound project that could be put to use in many urban renewal Canada projects.

Affordable, attractive housing is still available in the Village. But who knows for how long? With a little help from your friends at mymortgagebroker.com, Steve Crews‘ team could have you moved into one of Calgary’s hippest, hottest neighbourhoods by year’s end. But only if you move fast!

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