Red Deer Mortgage Brokers. Helping You Get Into Your Alberta Home

Red Deer Mortgage Brokers. Helping You Get Into Your Alberta Home

Don’t be fooled by the name. Contrary to what the first British settlers thought they saw, the herds of magnificent elk that wandered the plains were in fact, elk. Not European red deer. Given the spectacular natural beauty of the countryside, it’s no surprise they chose to establish a settlement on the banks what they would call the Red Deer river.

The natives had it right, of course. The Cree First Nation had named the river on which the settlement had been established as “Waskasoo Seepee”. Quite a mouthful, to be sure. It never quite caught on with settlers, so Red Deer became the name of the river, and Red Deer the name of the town. Despite the fact the “real” red deer were several thousands miles away!

The scenery is still as spectacular as it was centuries ago. Red Deer city is located in the heart of an area of aspen parkland. Agriculture contributes to the local economy, as does the petrochemical industry. It’s the reason so many have chosen to call Red Deer home. At last count, close to 100,000 people had made the city their home. It’s one of the fastest growing communities in the country.

And with the help of a mortgage broker a professional that is a part of Steven Crews team, you can be a part of the action. Whether you have a family, or are a satisfied single for the time being, there is an apartment, condo or house waiting to become your home.

In 2003, Red Deer was recognized as a “Cultural Capital of Canada” and rightly so. The Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, The Central Alberta Theatre and the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery offer plenty of opportunities to see and experience the arts.

Collicutt Centre will appeal to those looking for fun that involves a little more physical activity. The leisure and wellness complex covers over 250,000 square feet. There’s a pool, of course, but also a water slide, climbing wall and opportunities to practice your tennis or golf swing. In 2019, Red Deer will host the Canada Winter Games. What better time to make the move then now? Real estate prices will skyrocket as the games approach.

It’s a serious commitment. But if the time is right, choose to make a solid, sustainable investment in your future. Home ownership is a responsibility, but one that is guaranteed to reap many rewards. It’s an opportunity to start building a future based on financially getting ahead, not just staying afloat.

Red Deer mortgage brokers are ready for you. Are you ready for Red Deer? Owning your own home is a possible dream in one of Alberta’s most vibrant communities. Steven Crews has a home finance specialist waiting to answer all your questions. Call now. Your family deserves the opportunity to live in a house they can call their home.

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