Mortgage Options for Your Home Purchase

Mortgage Options for Your Home Purchase

Talking to a mortgage advisor can answer some of the questions you have about getting a home mortgage

We know that the home mortgage financing process can seem confusing, especially when you are going through it for the first time. That’s where we can help. Verico iMortgage Solutions is here to guide you through every step of the way. We don’t try to fit you into the products we sell, like banks. We’re mortgage specialists. We find the mortgage that fits you. 

Get your questions answered

Find out the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approval. Learn the options available to you for downpayment, and how the length of amortization can change your monthly loan payments. Find out the options for paying down your mortgage faster or how a renovation can be included. Skip the hassle and negotiation required when you get a mortgage from a lender on your own. Have confidence that when you start your house hunting journey, you will know what your mortgage payments will be and the price you can afford.

You have choice

In today’s marketplace, you have plenty of options and competing financial alternatives to choose from. You could check each one on your own, but doesn’t it make more sense to have a mortgage specialist do the legwork for you? The Verico iMortgage Solutions mortgage advisors will provide you with access to the hundreds of mortgage products available through Canada’s banks, trusts, credit unions and mortgage companies. While some of the options you can find online or when you meet at a bank, there are many others that are only accessed through our services. Our fully qualified clients don’t pay us a fee on residential mortgages because we are paid by the lenders. That is why our customers can select from the best mortgages, at the best rates available in the marketplace.

A typical financial institution will provide you with information on the mortgage products THEY sell; while our mortgage advisors will help you decide which financial institution you want to use, and which mortgage offer is the best one for you.

What are the main options available for your home purchase?

We can help you with that. Not all lenders offer the same terms, features and options. We can discuss fixed vs variable rate mortgages; how the amount of the downpayment can affect the mortgage; weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options with regular or accelerated payments; cash back options; and mortgages that you can take with you if you purchase another home. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The options are numerous.

We can help you to decide what is most important to you besides the best rate. We can explain how you determine which will benefit you best.

It’s about making the right decision

More and more Canadians are discovering that the best mortgage decision they can make is to choose to work with a mortgage broker. Doesn’t it make sense to look at all your options rather than being confined to one set of products?

Let the mortgage advisors at Verico iMortgage Solutions help you with expert, unbiased advice and the professional service you deserve.

START NOW. Call/text us at 403-870-2669 or submit an inquiry through the contact form on this page. Let’s get you into the home of your dreams!

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