Okotoks Mortgage Broker Helping You Find Affordable, Sustainable Housing

Okotoks Mortgage Broker Helping You Find Affordable, Sustainable Housing

Okotoks is the biggest town in Alberta just a few miles away from it’s biggest city. Situated just south of Calgary, on the banks of the Sheep River, Okotoks is an increasingly popular “bedroom community” with more than 25,000 residents. Despite being a town that’s almost as big as some cities, Okotoks has a reputation for being friendly and it’s an excellent spot for young families to put down roots. A mortgage broker is just the person to introduce you to the locals.

The town’s motto is “Historic Past, Sustainable Future”. The local government works hard at balancing the two ideas. The local First Nations people have long had communities set up along the Sheep River and surrounding area.

A European settlement was established here in 1891 around a local sawmill. Nowadays, the local economy has diversified, with many people employed in the petrochemical industry or at businesses in Calgary.

While oil and gas exploration and development remain important to Okotoks, and Alberta in general, environmental stewardship and resource conservation are recognized as essential to creating a sustainable future for our families.

One particularly progressive project is the Drake Landing Solar Community (DLSC). This planned neighbourhood combines solar energy with energy efficient technologies to create a truly sustainable community. Solar energy is collected during the sunny Okotoks summers and stored in underground facilities. In the winter, the energy can be retrieved and helps provide heat and energy for the local residents. In this way an amazing 90% of the community’s residential energy needs are met!

The Drake Landing Community is the first large scale project of it’s kind in North America. Many different accommodation options exist in the area, and you’re sure to find something that fits your family and your finances. An Okotoks mortgage broker is standing by to help you explore all the housing options.

Another innovative conservation initiative not only conserves precious natural resources, but it saves Okotoks homeowners up to $200! The Water Conservation Rebate Program strives to reduce the demand for water resources during the hot summer months. Cash rebates are provided to property owners who purchase environmentally friendly appliances (high efficiency toilets/dishwashers etc) and/or install rainwater harvesting systems at their homes.

This is a win/win situation. Okotoks homeowners save cash and resources. Also, the city need not spend so may taxpayer dollars on providing water that ends up being wasted. A comprehensive recycling program is in effect, and even yard waste is collected as part of the city’s community composting program.
Okotoks is unique in that it has it’s own airport, complete with a helicopter flying school. If money is no object, consult with one of our mortgage brokers about viewing a property at the Okotoks Air Ranch. Custom houses are built with attached air hangers where one can park their private planes. How convenient!

Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, Steven Crews team of lending professionals is here to help. Call him at 403 870 2669 now.

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