Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Rates – Don’t Settle for Anything except the Lowest Rates

Home ownership can seem daunting. There is so much to consider as you look at houses and begin the mortgage process that you can easily become overwhelmed. In fact, the entire thing can make continuing to rent seem quite enticing. Sure, your money goes to someone else every month, but you also are not responsible for maintaining the place… Read More

Don’t Search by Yourself for the Lowest Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates in Calgary, like anywhere else, vary from lender to lender. When you are looking to get a mortgage, you want to ensure that you receive the best deal for your needs; this requires shopping around and investigating multiple lenders. The footwork required to go to various banks is excessive, not to mention the amount of paperwork you would need to process yourself. Add in all the technical jargon and you will likely find yourself feeling overwhelmed… Read More

Current Mortgage Rates in Calgary – Know Before You Sign

Each day there is the possibility that mortgage rates in Calgary will change. When looking to take out a mortgage, it is important that you make certain you receive the best deal for your individual needs. Mortgage brokers are experts in the field who have the knowledge and experience to make certain you sign for the deal that best suits you. From the inner workings of banks to the current mortgage rates in Calgary, they have the knowledge you need… Read More

Enlist the Services of a Mortgage Broker to be Sure You Get the Best Mortgage Rates

If you are looking to make the leap into homeownership, it can be tempting to try to complete the process yourself, even if you do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively navigate the process. You might feel that it will save you money that you could otherwise put into your new home or that you have never seen much of a point in middlemen. You might think you can learn all the jargon and find the best mortgage rates in Calgary, all on your own… Read More

Why You Should Jump into the World of Homeownership

Purchasing a home is an intimidating prospect—whether it is your first home, second, third, or more. Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility and your ability to rise and meet that responsibility can have a lasting impact on your personal and financial future. … Read More

Want Better Mortgage Rates? Let us go to the Banks for You

Once you are set on becoming a homeowner, you must decide how you are going to approach the purchase. You might want to dive into the process yourself, or you might be considering the use of a mortgage broker. While most of us have heard the term mortgage broker a few times in our lives, many of us only have a vague understanding of what one actually does… Read More

Mortgage Financing – Everything You Need To Know About Home Loans

Diving into the world of home ownership can be tricky. You have to think about location, style of home, school districts, and, of course, mortgage financing . Just looking at all of the options available, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. How do you know if you have guaranteed mortgage financing or if you qualify for special mortgage financing ? There seems to be as many options for getting your home loan as there are houses themselves. Don’t worry, this guide will answer all of your questions about home mortgage financing , so you can get back to worrying about flooring types and the number of rooms you need… Read More

Mortgage Financing Calculator – Helping You Know if You Can Afford a Home

Buying a home can be expensive, no doubt about it. Even if you have a fantastic job with a great income, knowing how much you can afford to spend on monthly payments can be confusing. This is especially true when you add in tax, insurance, and all of the other additional expenses that pop up when you purchase a house… Read More

Guaranteed Mortgage Financing – What it Means for Buying Your Home

In the mortgage financing world, there are so many different terms and options, it can be confusing. One of the terms that people tend to regularly come across is guaranteed mortgage financing. But what does it really mean?… Read More

Home Mortgage Financing – What Types of Financing are Available?

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a home, mortgage financing is something you need to think about. Just looking at all of the different types of home loans can hard to understand. Fixed, variable, conventional, and high-ratio are just some of the options available. By breaking down some of these mortgage financing options, you’ll be able to see which one might be the right choice for you… Read More

Special Mortgage Financing – Your Options When it Comes to Home Loans

When most people look to nail down their home loan, they typically only look at traditional mortgage financing options. While that is an excellent starting point, did you know that Canada also has several programs put in place to help many people achieve their dream of owning a home – even if they had never dared to think it possible before? First-time home buyers, people building a new home, and the disabled are just a few of the people who might just qualify for special mortgage financing… Read More

Second Chance Mortgage Financing – What it Means and How to Get it

If you have bad or no credit, you may be thinking that securing mortgage financing is out of the question. Several years ago, you might have been right; however as the years have passed and with more houses sitting vacant and not bringing in any money, banks and lenders are more willing to offer people a second chance. Mortgage financing may not be so out of reach, after all. If you don’t think you have great credit, there are still lenders out there who will work with you and give you the chance to own the home of your dreams… Read More

Mortgage Pre Approval – Everything You Need to Know

Buying a home, whether it’s for the first time or the fiftieth time, can be a big deal. There are so many things to think about and the process can be tough to understand. One thing that can help put your mind at ease is getting pre-approved for a mortgage . Just by having that letter in your hands can make you, and the seller, feel a whole lot better about things. It will let you know exactly the price range of house you should be seeking, and it will also let you be able to put an offer in on a house as soon as you see it. For the sellers, it will let them know you are serious about looking for a house and have the money all set for when you need it… Read More

Mortgage Pre Approval Calculator – How to Use it and What it Will Tell You

One of the handiest tools to use when starting to look for your home is the mortgage pre-approval calculator. Canada, it will tell you all the information you need to know and give you some idea of what to expect as you begin the mortgage pre-approval process. By using the calculator, you can expect to have a rough idea of the type of loan for which you qualify, along with your monthly payment and the overall amount of the loan… Read More

Mortgage Pre Approval Requirements – Everything You Need to Have Ready

Getting a mortgage pre-approval is a huge step toward home ownership. It allows you offer a price on a home and know the money is there waiting for you. What could be better? Most Canadian banks and lenders have a list of documents they need before they will process your request. So, to make your job a little easier, here are some of the most common mortgage pre-approval requirements… Read More

Mortgage Pre-Approval Process – The Experience from Start to Finish

The first step toward buying a home should be to get your mortgage pre-approval letter. Just by having that letter in your hands when you go to look for that perfect house can give you and the sellers some peace of mind. So, what’s even involved with getting pre-approved for your home loan? Don’t worry, the mortgage pre-approval process is fairly straightforward and you can be in your own house in no time… Read More

What Do I Need for a Mortgage Pre – Approval? – All the Basics

Having a mortgage pre-approval letter can make a world of difference when you are going to look for a house. It will allow you to walk into a house knowing you can make an offer on the spot and be reasonably sure the money will be there waiting for you. It’s a fantastic confidence booster in the world of house hunting and home buying. But you may be asking yourself “what do I need for a mortgage pre-approval?” or “where do I even start the pre-approval process?” You shouldn’t worry about that, however, because getting pre-approved for a mortgage is actually one of the easier things about purchasing a home… Read More

Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage – The Steps You Need to Take

The mortgage pre-approval process is actually one of the more straightforward processes in buying a house. All you have to do is provide some documentation, run some numbers, and sit back and let the lenders and banks work out how much of a home loan you should receive. You’ll see that getting pre-approved for a mortgage isn’t so tough, after all… Read More

Mortgage broker business plan – Learn all There is to Know

A mortgage broker is a financial entity who serves as a go-between for people (borrowers) looking for mortgages and the organizations that offer mortgages. Mortgage brokers can be both individuals and official institutions… Read More

Maximum student loan amount – What You Need to Know

A student loan is used to help students pay for their living expenses and tuition while attending studies. There are many types of student loans, and they are quite different from other types of loans (their interest rates are often much lower and the repayment schedule is also much better)… Read More

Trail commission – What is it and Why Should You Care?

Trail commission is an annual fee that is paid to a financial adviser by their client. Typically, trail commission is a percentage fee, and it takes about five percent of a person’s investment each year. The problem with a trail commission is that it is often included in the annual charge, and thus invisible to the client; it is not always clear how much a person is paying nor what exactly is being paid… Read More

How to Reconcile a Bank Statement – And Catch Mistakes

A bank statement is a record sent to the account holder once a month, and it summarizes the transactions that took place since the previous statement to the current one. The current statement reaches the closing balance when the opening balance from the previous period is combined with all the transactions in the given time frame… Read More

Lender of Last Resort – Why are they necessary?

The term “lender of last resort” is used to describe financial institutions (or individuals) whose job is to provide credit and/or liquidity to institutions or individuals whose alternatives for credit are running low. Throughout the years, lenders of last resort have saved various financial entities by providing liquidity in the face of financial straits, such as the Panic of 1907… Read More

What is predatory lending – Why everyone should watch out

Predatory lending is a term for any dishonest lending practice targeting those borrowers with poor credit. Those that are affected the most by this illegal practice are the elderly citizens and the members of all minority groups. Typically, individuals that dabble in predatory lending charge a higher interest rate to an applicant, but pay no regard to their credit history… Read More

Canadian Mortgage Calculator: Picking the best mortgage solution

A mortgage is especially designed to help you buy a home or any other property. Deciding to buy a home and getting a mortgage is perhaps the single most important decision that you will ever make in your life. A home mortgage is almost like a marriage, as it entails a commitment for a lengthy period of time, often for the better part of your adult life… Read More

My Bank Tracker – Keeping a track of your finances online

When it comes to tracking your expenses, what do you think of first? Wouldn’t you like to keep a track of where you money is going, so you don’t spend the last few days of the month struggling till your next paycheck? When you first start tracking your finances, you may be tempted to list down what you are spending. Tracking is not meant to stop you from spending; it simply highlights your habits, so that you can make informed decisions and choices. Tracking your spending can prove to be a daunting task. But, with so many different tracking facilities at your disposal today, tracking your expenses has never been easier… Read More

How does an annuity work? Retire with peace of mind

Everyone wants to retire with peace of mind, after working for the majority of their lives. This is one of the key reasons why people invest in annuities for a worry-free retired life. So, what is an annuity and how does an annuity work? To put it simply, an annuity is a retirement income financial solution. By investing a sum of money in an annuity, you will be provided with a stream of income payments, once you retire. Your income payments will be based on a variety of factors like your age, current interest rates, length of time that payments are guaranteed and the money invested to buy the annuity… Read More

Student Loan Interest Rates – Keeping Track Of Your Interest

If you take any type of loan, you are expected to pay it back at a specified interest rate, over a period of time. Interest rates may vary, depending on the nature and duration of the loan that you have taken… Read More

City of Calgary Property Taxes – An in-depth understanding

In Canada, municipal governments raise the money needed for provided local services to residents from property taxes. It is usually collected from owners who pay this property tax directly to the local municipal government. The amount of property tax that a homeowner pays depends on where the person lives and the value of the property. Different types of properties attract different tax rates. For example, residential property tax is lower than commercial property tax in Canada… Read More

What is a promissory note? Getting acquainted with borrowing

When family members or non-banking stakeholders enter into financial agreements with each other, there may not be any specified legally binding documents involved, but the borrower makes a promise to pay back the loan. So, what is a promissory note? A promissory note is an enforced promise to pay back a debt or loan to the lender. The borrower can decide the payment terms with his lender – whether he pays a lump sum at the end or specifies a regular payment amount that goes towards the principal and interest… Read More

Mortgage Solutions – Get The Best Mortgage For Your Home

The decision to purchase your home is one of the most important financial choices you will make in your lifetime. As such, it is imperative that if you do decide to finance your home purchase, you choose the right mortgage solution that best serves your needs. Yet even as you make your commitment to make responsible financial decisions in support of your new home purchase, the landscape surrounding mortgages is often muddied, at best. In short, what you need is clear, concise, and relevant information that can help you make the right decision regarding a mortgage for your new home purchase… Read More

Finance and Mortgage Solutions – The Right Mortgage For You

When you are ready to purchase your own home, you will need to get a mortgage in order to help you cover the costs of the house. Making a home purchase is typically the largest purchase that a person makes in his or her life, with purchase prices typically in the six figures. You will need the assistance of the right finance and mortgage solutions in order to get the mortgage that will best serve your financial and home needs. Thankfully, there are a wide range of options that you have for getting a mortgage that allows you to maintain or even improve your quality of life… Read More

Residential Mortgage Solutions – How To Own Your Own Home

Are you seeking to purchase a home? If so, then you must evaluate the various options available to you in regards to home mortgages. In this arena, residential mortgage solutions are more complex and varied than ever before, and as a result, you need to be educated as to your options. To be sure, there is light at the end of this tunnel. When you do your homework, and partner with the right mortgage broker, you can find not only the right home for you, but purchase that home with the right plan that will allow you to keep or even improve on your monthly cash flow. Let’s take a deeper look into the mortgage solutions that you can leverage in order to buy your own home… Read More

Professional Mortgage Solutions – What Experts Recommend

You may have heard that you can “do it yourself” with mortgages these days. But that’s probably not the best advice for you. Mortgages are complicated contracts that involve locking you into long-term debt repayment. It’s a serious financial decision, and as such, you owe it to yourself not to “do it yourself”. Instead, it is highly recommended to seek out professional mortgage solutions, solutions that have been clearly looked through and that truly have your best long term interests at heart… Read More

Best Mortgage Solutions In Canada – Quickly Own Your New Home

As you may be aware, the state of home mortgages has been changing in Canada. Over the last couple of years, regulations related to home mortgages has tightened, resulting in shorter length mortgages and a constricted ability to borrow against the equity in your home. Not to mention, a move to shorten the maximum mortgage length from 35 to 25 years means that many Canadians are going to be faced with higher monthly payments. As you can imagine, changes to mortgage regulations are continuous, and it can be difficult to keep up with it on your own… Read more

Complete Mortgage Solutions For Specialist – Get A Mortgage Broker Today

All too often, the world of mortgages can be difficult to navigate. The financial institutions can seem like a difficult wall to breakthrough, what with their bureaucracy and pursuit of profit, potentially at your expense. You need to have a partner that you can trust throughout the process of getting a mortgage. Getting a word of advice from friends here or family there are not going to truly help with your need to get a mortgage. Therefore, what you need are complete mortgage solutions for specialist – the right specialist – to handle on your behalf. Learn more about how a specialist, also known as a mortgage broker can help you get into the right home, for the right price, today… Read More

House Mortgage – Everything You Need to Know about Getting a Home Loan

These days, with the economy and the housing market being the way it is, it can be hard to know how to get a house mortgage. You may have questions about qualification, house mortgage interest rates, or the best house mortgage. Canada , especially, has some very specific rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to obtain a house mortgage. Luckily, once you get a sense of what to expect, this task won’t seem so daunting, after all… Read more

House Mortgage Calculator Canada – How to Use it and What it Will Tell You

Before beginning the process toward getting a house mortgage, you should first find out if you qualify and for how much. By doing this, the sellers and real estate agents will know you are serious about buying a home and will pay you special attention. One of the preliminary ways to find out how much you qualify for is to use a house mortgage calculator. Canada has lots of calculators at your disposal… Read More

How to Get a House Mortgage – Step by Step Instructions

These days, getting a house mortgage can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of factors to consider; income, credit scores, and down payments, just to name a few. It can be difficult to tell if you’re even ready to start the process toward home ownership. Luckily, simply knowing how to get a house mortgage takes a lot of the guesswork out and stars you down the right path… Read More

House Mortgage Refinance – Know Why and How to Refinance Your Loan

If you already have a house mortgage, one thing you can do to help lower your interest rate or your monthly payment is refinance your loan. There are many reasons and ways to get a house mortgage refinance done, so the possibilities for you are endless… Read More

Best House Mortgage Canada – What to Look for in a Home Loan

When you are starting the process to get a house mortgage you need to consider many different things to make sure you are getting the absolute best options available. Things like interest rate, loan terms, and monthly payments all factor in to you getting the best house mortgage Canada has to offer. Don’t worry, the process is actually a lot easier than you might think… Read More

House Mortgage Interest Rates – How to Get the Best One

One of the biggest questions people have when getting a house mortgage is about the terms of the loan. Before any paperwork is signed, you need to do your homework and make sure you are getting the absolute best house mortgage interest rates. The market is constantly changing and fluctuating, so it’s hard to know exactly the right time to jump in; however, there are several ways to increase your odds of getting a great interest rate on your loan… Read More

Seeking a Mortgage in Calgary? Discover How You Can Buy A Home, Get Low Rates and More, Without Breaking the Bank

Perhaps you’ve finally gotten that down payment together and are excited to be searching for your first new home. Or maybe you are looking to trade up to a bigger place and need a larger mortgage to see you through to the dream house you are seeking. You might not have quite enough for a traditional 20%, 10% or even the 5% down payment, your credit might not be up to snuff, or you may be looking for a quick loan approval because the seller needs to be close the deal quickly. Whatever your situation is, there is a mortgage specialist in Calgary prepared to help you find your way through the mortgage maze… Read More

Fast Approved Mortgages – Calgary Brokers Explain Why You Need Quick Pre-Approvals

You are ready to go shopping for a new home. Perhaps you’ve already contacted a realtor, viewed houses for sale on the Internet or have peeked at a few Open Houses. You know the type of home you’re looking for, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and how much acreage you’d love to have. But have you thought enough about getting the mortgage you’ll need to afford that home?… Read More

Mortgage Companies – Calgary Brokers Have the Resources You Will Absolutely Need to Make Your Way Through the Mortgage Maze

When it comes to obtaining a loan to purchase your dream home, you may find that there are a lot of hoops to jump through before you get to sign on that dotted line. The professionals at some mortgage companies in Calgary know how to guide you through those hoops with minimal stress… Read More

Approved Mortgage – Calgary Pre-Approved Loans: Why You Should Get Pre-Approved Before You Are Ready to Buy

The route to getting an approved mortgage isn’t really that difficult, yet many people decide to either bypass this very important step or they aren’t even aware of it. But having a pre-approved mortgage in hand when you are searching for a home to buy is a necessary item if you want a seller to choose you as their buyer… Read More

Bad Credit? Mortgage Calgary Professionals Can Still Help You Secure a Home Loan

Not everyone has a stellar credit rating. Things happen. Sometimes a few bills get paid late, credit is denied, your accounts are in collection, or you’ve attempted to apply for credit too often, resulting in multiple credit inquiries. All of these things can adversely affect your credit rating, leading to a possible denial of a mortgage loan… Read More

Mortgage Specialist in Calgary – How a Broker Can Help You Navigate The Loan Maze and What You Need To Know

Applying for a home mortgage can be confusing, stressful, and time-consuming. That’s why it’s in your own best interest to choose carefully before you decide upon a mortgage specialist in Calgary to guide you through this financial labyrinth and come out the other end happy and holding the keys to your new home… Read More

Home Trust Mortgage – And The Calgary Broker Who’s On Your Sid

The mortgage. It is believed to have originated from a combination of old French, geriatric German, and Latin slang. “Mort” meant death, or dead, in French, derived from the Latin word “mortuus”. “Gage” was an old German word that referred to a pledge or oath taken by one to complete a given task. So a mortgage is a death pledge? Why on earth would you want one of those?… Read More

Urban Renewal Project A Calgary Case Study

Successful urban renewal projects can be a challenge in any city. Here in Calgary’s East Village, urban renewal experts eagerly explore the streets, and the shops. This is a neighbourhood regeneration success story. It’s the kind of place that inspires those involved in sustainable urban development to do better. It’s a special kind of community that draws all sorts of people to our city. And the Home Trust Mortgage Company has made home ownership a reality for many of them. Be careful if you visit. The East Village just might cast it’s spell over you as well!… Read More

Affordable Housing Calgary It’s a Possible Dream.

For many people in Calgary, home ownership may seem like an impossible dream. The city is growing. The locals prefer the term “booming”. The demand for housing can easily outstrip the supply. Your local Calgary mortgage broker, Steven Crews, has connections with Home Trust Mortgage and many other financial firms to help you successfully make a property purchase… Read More

Fiduciary Duty Canada Knowing Who You Can Trust

Bank or mortgage broker? The Home Trust Mortgage Company works with Steven Crews team of mortgage pros to get you the best mortgage for your money. Purchasing a home is serious business, and you need to have complete confidence in the people you’re dealing with… Read More

Mortgage Fraud Don’t Even Think (or Worry) About it!

Mortgage fraud in Canada is a serious issue, but certainly not one that is unique to our nation. Misrepresenting one’s financial resources or position is a trick that has been tried world wide for as long money has changed hands. If you are not careful (or not 100% honest) you could find yourself guilty of mortgage fraud. Or you could find yourself an unwitting victim. Both situations have serious consequences that will cause you to have a very, very, bad day… Read More

What is Retail Banking? Why a Mortgage Broker is Better

It used to be that when you needed a mortgage the banks were your only option. But if your credit record was less than perfect, if you had only recently joined the workforce or perhaps just started at a new firm, your one and only mortgage option went out the window. Lucky for us, nowadays financial institutions like Home Trust Mortgage have adapted their lending policies to match individual borrowers needs… Read More

Mortgage Loan – Everything you Need to Know about Getting a Mortgage in Canada

Owning a home is one of the defining milestones in our culture, a signal that we have grown up and entered the adult world. It was the primary aspiration of previous generations as it gave them something to be proud of, to pass down to their children, and to build their equity. However, when the economy took a turn for the worst, many people became reluctant to purchase a home, either because everything felt too unstable to make the commitment or because the economic downturn had left them in a financially compromised position… Read More

Line of Credit Canada – The How and Why of Opening a Line of Credit

If you need access to money for a big purchase or a project—such as a car, home renovation, or health care – there are many options available to you. It can be difficult to discern which options are best for you. In order to determine what will work for you, you need to fully understand your choices. Among the options available is opening a line of credit with a financial institution… Read More

Package Loan – The Benefits and Drawbacks of Opting for a Package Loan

If you are looking to obtain an excellent deal on a home, chances are you will need to look at houses that are in less than perfect shape. These homes offer incredible opportunity at prices that are a steal—if you can fix them up. Part of being able to do that is having the skill and know how to go it alone or having a team you can trust. The other part? Being able to afford the repairs… Read More

Federal Government of Canada – How the Federal Government Impacts the Money Lending Process

As of 2008, the Canadian government has imposed several restrictions on home loans. Prior to these restrictions, it was possible to obtain home loans spanning 40 years. Now, the maximum length is 25 years. For those who struggle with getting together a substantial down payment, this means that being able to purchase a home is more difficult… Read More

Housing Corporation – How the Canadian Housing Corporation Works

Not able to afford traditional housing? Do not lose hope – at least not if you are a citizen of Canada. Thanks to the efforts of the government, you can still own your own home. The national housing agency offers a variety of solutions to help you achieve your dreams while still living within your means. From creative financing options to affordable housing, they can offer what you need… Read More

Lending Institutions – What you Need to Know about Canadian Lending Institutions

If you are wanting to purchase a home, chances are you will need to look into financing options. Very few of us are fortunate enough to be able to purchase a home outright, and even those who can do not always want to. The result? You are going to need to do your homework on potential lending institutions… Read More

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