Mortgage Companies – Calgary Brokers Have the Resources You Will Absolutely Need to Make Your Way Through the Mortgage Maze

Mortgage Companies – Calgary Brokers Have the Resources You Will Absolutely Need to Make Your Way Through the Mortgage Maze

When it comes to obtaining a loan to purchase your dream home, you may find that there are a lot of hoops to jump through before you get to sign on that dotted line. The professionals at some mortgage companies in Calgary know how to guide you through those hoops with minimal stress.

There is a lot more to obtaining a mortgage than first meets the eye. When you are seeking a new home, it’s very exciting. This is especially true if you’re looking for your very first home. A realtor will take you to look at beautiful houses, some of which you may very well fall in love with immediately. But when you do find that perfect home, will you be ready to bid on it and know with confidence that a seller will have no qualms about offering the home to you?

There’s a lot of paperwork and investigating to be done on both sides of the desk when it comes to applying for a mortgage. Calgary brokers, such as the professionals at, will take you through it all painlessly and quickly.

We know how important getting a mortgage pre-approval is. With a pre-approved mortgage in hand, you will know exactly how much house you will be able to afford. We can obtain a mortgage pre-qualification for you first. This is a starting point for discussing the payments you can afford. But being pre-qualified is not the same as being pre-approved. Handing over a pre-approval to a potential seller tells him that you are ready, willing and able to go through with the purchase.

The mortgage maze is easy to navigate with the right broker guiding you. He will figure out the most comfortable monthly payments based on your salary. From there, the total mortgage you will be able to afford can be calculated.

You will first qualify for a mortgage with a qualification application. For this, all you’ll need to supply your broker with would be your birthdate, your SIN number, home addresses and employment history over the past three years, your monetary assets and your liabilities. If you gather all of this information beforehand, it will make the entire process that much easier. From there, you and your broker will be able to intelligently discuss the home prices you can afford and the loan amount you might qualify for approval.

A simple credit check will be run through one credit agency to determine your score. Once that is done and your score is reached, you are ready to submit documentation of your income.

When you work with the pros at, you will have the pre-approval you need in hand and be ready to bid on the house of your dreams within your budget, of course. Call us at 403-870-2669 for a stress-free assessment of your mortgage needs; we lead you to the right loan with guidance and expertise.

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