Mortgage Broker? Lethbridge Living Is A Possible Dream!

Mortgage Broker? Lethbridge Living Is A Possible Dream!

Slow and steady wins the race. This strategy certainly appears to be working in Lethbridge. As a mortgage broker with Steven Crews team will tell you, the city continues to grow at a healthy rate, avoiding the boom and bust cycles that some cities in Alberta must constantly contend with.

If long term stability is important to you and your family, Lethbridge is an ideal and affordable place to put down roots. Can the city’s nearly 90,000 residents be wrong? According to the most recent Conference Board of Canada’s Mid-Sized Cities report, Lethbridge’s economy grew by 1.8% in 2013. Similar gains are expected this year. The city does not see the rampant and volatile economic growth patterns of larger Canadian cities, but growth here is sustainable, and real estate remains affordable.

The city was founded in 1885, and the economy was originally based on coal mining and ranching. Nowadays, Lethbridge has a highly-diversified, solid economy. One that is not built solely on the exploitation of oil and gas resources. By contrast, the largest employers in the city are regional hospitals, provincial government offices and the University of Lethbridge. The city has long been an important food-processing centre, and this sector continues to employ thousands of the city’s residents.

When you work hard, you tend to play hard; and Lethbridge offers plenty of opportunities for play. Large areas of wilderness have been designated parkland, and offer hiking, biking, and plenty of outdoor adventure. Hockey fans will be in hockey heaven! Take in a game from the stands, or take part in one on the ice. Have you ever played disc golf? Me neither. But the citizens of Lethbridge are apparently loving it!

Family-friendly Lethbridge has recently invested millions in upgrading playgrounds for the wee ones, and a brand new skate park for the not so wee. The beautifully landscaped SLP Skate Park opened in June to the delight of skateboarders (and their parents) Designed to provide a challenging yet safe environment for boarders to build their skills, it’s a great gathering place for the local teens. The city has also created several off-leash dog parks. Even the fur-kids get to play!

Many of our clients choose to buy in the city. We know where to find you the best deals on houses, town homes and apartments. Have you ever dreamed of having a hobby farm or an acreage? Lethbridge offers some spectacular properties within easy commuting distance of the city centre. With the help of a mortgage broker, Lethbridge living could be just weeks away. We’ll not stop working until we’ve found you the financing to make your dream a reality.

The best rates and terms, and the quickest possible turnaround are just part of the Steve Crew’s package. His experienced team of brokers have the connections with Lethbridge real estate agents, private sellers, and independent lenders to make your home purchase perfect. It’s what separates his brokers from the rest.

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