Housing Corporation – How the Canadian Housing Corporation Works

Housing Corporation – How the Canadian Housing Corporation Works

Not able to afford traditional housing? Do not lose hope—at least not if you are a citizen of Canada. Thanks to the efforts of the government, you can still own your own home. The national housing agency offers a variety of solutions to help you achieve your dreams while still living within your means. From creative financing options to affordable housing, they can offer what you need.

What is the Canadian Housing Corporation?

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation is the national housing agency. The CMHC was founded directly after World War II to counter the housing shortage which emerged in the post-war years. It is a [provider of mortgage loan insurance, mortgage backed securities, housing programs, and housing research.

The goal of the CMHC is to ensure that there is a wide variety of quality, affordable housing available to those who need it. They accomplish this through innovative financing options, the creation of affordable government housing, lobbying for those in need, and improving the standards of building already in use.

Financing Options

The CMHC offers a range of services designed to make housing more affordable. One of the best known ways they do this is by providing mortgage insurance. This insurance is applied to mortgage loans given by other institutions to individuals who cannot afford a down payment of 20% or greater. The result is that the lender is more open to loaning money to clients that would otherwise be deemed too high of a risk. They also work to maintain low-cost funds for residential mortgages. This assistance is designed to keep the borrower current on his or her payments.

Affordable Housing

In many areas of Canada, community housing is available. Take, for example, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation. This corporation works to create quality housing which is affordable and accessible even to those who struggle financially. In Ontario, the Social Housing Services Corporation works to make certain residents have access to housing that improves their quality of life. In Nova Scotia, the Housing Development Corporation works towards a similar goal as does the Housing Assistance Corporation.

Advice and Expertise

One of the services the CMHC offers that is universally applicable is their ability to give educated, objective, and reliable information regarding the housing market. Anyone, whether low income or now, can turn to them for guidance in their home purchasing and home maintenance decisions. By simply contacting them online or by phone, or by visiting their office in person, you can ask any questions you have and be certain to get an informed and unbiased answer.

They also conduct research and create forecasts which help make sense of the housing market. By analyzing the data they collect, they are able to reveal information that can be vital to any home owner.

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