Equity loan and home equity loan in Calgary, Alberta

Equity loan and home equity loan in Calgary, Alberta

You can use a low-interest equity loan to finance important things

The value of your home minus what you owe on it is the equity or net value of your home. If you have enough net value in your property, then you could qualify for an equity loan. My Mortgage Broker (Verico) specializes in home loans, such as mortgages, equity loans and reverse mortgages. They can help you with an equity loan in Alberta or Calgary.

Why would you want or need an equity loan? An equity loan can be used to pay other high-interest debt. So if you have debt that is costing you a lot in interest, you can use a low-interest equity to pay off high-interest debt. This called debt consolidation. There are several other sensible uses for a home equity loan.

You can use a home equity loan from home improvements. Maybe you want to remodel your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, remodel your basement, add a sunroom, replace your windows, add a deck. Whatever home improvement project you have in mind, an equity loan is a sensible way to pay for it. Equity loans tend to attract low-interest rates and therefore a cost-effective way to add value to your property and improve your lifestyle.

You can use an equity loan to pay for life-changing events, such as your child’s college education, a wedding or an unexpected event. Using other forms of finance such as credit cards or personal loans could work out a lot more expensive.

One of the benefits of a home equity loan is low interest. Apart from low-interest rates, there is also the possibility that you could deduct the interest from your taxes. Your accountant or tax consultant or mortgage brokers will be able to advise about the tax advantage of an equity loan.





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