(HELOC) Debt Consolidation: Home Equity Line of Credit Loan

(HELOC) Debt Consolidation: Home Equity Line of Credit Loan

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Pay Off High-Interest Credit Card Debt

At Verico iMortgage Solutions we can show you how to use the equity you’ve already built in your home to pay off and consolidate high-interest credit card debt, and high-interest rate loans.

Then we will help you develop a Cash Flow Plan, so you build on your new financial freedom and stay in control of your finances forever! (Watch the video below)


Don’t wait to make your dreams come true.

Are you considering a new car, a big family vacation or maybe renovating your home? We can show you how easy and economical it is to make some of those dreams come true while still being financially prudent.

Debt Consolidation + Cash Flow Plan = Financial Freedom

The mortgage advisors at Verico iMortgage Solutions help families achieve financial freedom by consolidating their debts into one low-interest loan, then implementing a strategy with an easy to execute cash flow plan so they can achieve financial freedom faster. And stay there!

Does one or more of the following describe you?

  • You are a couple who own your own home (with or without a mortgage);
  • You have good jobs and your household income is over $100,000 a year but you are still struggling to get ahead;
  • You have a good credit rating;
  • You are worried about your debt level (credit cards, loans, or perhaps you just want pay off your mortgage faster);
  • You have children and you want to give them the best education and enable them to enjoy sports and vacations;
  • You have traditionally gone to your bank for financial advice – but now wonder whether that is the smartest move;
  • You feel like you make good money but can’t figure out why you aren’t further ahead (i.e. have more savings and less debt);
  • You want to “get ahead” and become debt free.
  • You want to have enough for retirement but aren’t sure if you are on the right track and you have so many other priorities at the moment.

If this sounds like you, we can help!

In the past few months we have helped many families like yours to free up additional cash flow (up to $1,500/month) so they start accomplishing the things that are truly important to them. Usually, they notice a change in their finances within a month.

These families now feel much better about their money. They know where their money is going, and as a bonus, their relationships tend to improve as well, due to less financial stress.

A Debt Consolidation Story:

Debt Consolidation with a Cash Flow Plan helps a couple pay off high-interest rate credit cards and start saving for holiday in Hawaii

Chris and Angie are a couple in their late 50’s with a household income of around $200,000 per year. A few months ago they had credit card debt of over $20,000 on top of their mortgage. But thanks to a Debt Consolidation combined with a Cash Flow Plan, they were able to clear their credit card debt in just over 3 months and start saving towards the cost of a family holiday in Hawaii.

Before the plan, Chris and Angie had not been saving much outside of some regular RRSP (retirement) contributions, and they had made little headway on their credit card debt in the past couple of years.

As Chris explained after the plan was put in place, “We feel more in control of our finances. We became aware of what we were spending money on and whether those expenses were something we really wanted or if the stuff we were buying was just out of a habit. We feel fantastic and I now have a new goal to retire a little earlier than I originally thought was possible.”

If this story sounds like yours, contact us now!

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Let us help you achieve your financial dreams and goals… the timing has never been better!

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