Reliable home mortgage help in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Reliable home mortgage help in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Things to consider when you need a home mortgage

Buying a home is a major decision. It not only impacts your day to day life, it affects your finances. Your decision regarding a home mortgage is almost just as important as the decision about your house. And when it comes to important decisions some professional help and advice is always useful, like the kind of advice you will get from My Mortgage Broker (Verico).

There are many aspects to a home mortgage that you need to consider. The first one is the fact that it’s a long-term decision. Your mortgage is going to be around for a while, possibly for 20 years or so. When it comes to anything long-term, you want to get it right. When you make the wrong long-term decisions, it will cost you one way or the other. When it comes to your home loan, My Mortgage Broker (Verico) can help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls. For example, a mortgage broker can help you identify and avoid hidden costs.

There are different types of home mortgages and you need to decide which one is best for you. For example, you get fixed rate mortgages and you get variable rate mortgages. You can even get hybrids, where part of the loan is fixed and part is variable. Then you get first time home loans and you get second time or third time home loans. You also get conventional home loans and you get high ratio mortgages.

Apart from the different types of home loans you have to consider the mortgage rate, your down payment, your closing fees and your insurance. Let’s just say you have a lot of things to consider when it comes to mortgages and home loans. That why you should work with a professional mortgage broker who will help you consider these things and find the best home mortgage for your situation.

Debt consolidation loan in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A debt consolidation loan can get you out of the debt trap

When do you know you need a debt consolidation loan? Well for one when you start learning a whole new vocabulary like “declined” and “do not honor”. When the once friendly loan officer at the bank is not so friendly anymore. From a common sense point of view when you are paying more interest than you should. However, there is a catch. You need to own property with built up equity to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. So if you are paying more interest than you should, then you should speak to a consultant at My Mortgage Broker (Verico). They specialize in mortgage loans and they can help you with a debt consolidation loan in Alberta or Calgary.

If you have high interest credit card debt in Calgary or a high interest personal loan in Alberta, then a debt consolidation loan can save you thousands of dollars in the years to com. Debt has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you like a thief in the night. Maybe you maxed out your credit card when you went on that dream vacation. Perhaps you are still paying off the high interest HP on that fancy boat you bought. Apart from sneaking up on you, high debt and high interest don’t just go away – they like to hang around for a long time, putting great pressure on you possibly even your relationship.

However, you can have the good things in life without the nasty debt burden. This comes down to debt consolidation and cash flow planning. When you get those two components in harmony you gain financial freedom – something most people just dream about. If you don’t implement certain strategies and controls, you are likely to join the millions who are caught in the debt trap – even if you earn a good salary. The financial wizards at My Mortgage Broker (Verico) can show you how a debt consolidation loan combined with cash slow planning can turn things around for you.



Home loans in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

All that you need to know about home loans, its types and benefits

Every individual desires in buying a home of his own. Having some amount in the savings account will not suffice to help you buy a home as it is a huge investment. So if you dream of owning a home, then the best means of financing your dream will be to opt for a home loan. We at My Mortgage Broker offer the best types of home loans with its interest rate either been fixed or adjustable. Resting on your inclination you can apply for any. A home loan based on the fixed rate will offer the same rate of interest for the whole loan term. These loans can finance great plans pertaining to vacation, car purchase, home improvement, debt consolidation, education and so on. This is a type of financing or loan which you can take to buy or renovate a home and this facility definitely will make it more affordable and easier in helping you buy or make your dream home. People residing in different parts of Alberta and Calgary can make the most of our loans.

The different types

A home loan is broadly categorized into different varieties namely,

  • Land purchase loan
  • Home purchase loan
  • Home construction loan
  • Home extension/expansion loan
  • Home improvement loan
  • Home conversion loan
  • NRI home loan
  • Balance transfer loan
  • Stamp duty loan
  • Bridged loan

There are ample choices to be evaluated when it comes to a home loan so the need of the hour is you should evaluate beforehand what you wish to do. No matter you want to purchase an apartment or home or construct it, a home loan will act as the simplest route to help you achieve your dreams. A home loan if used well will work wonders in making an excellent deal for a property’s sale. The good news is there is plenty of choices resting on the situation and what our clients are on the lookout for. To know more give us a call or drop us a mail. We look forward to help you in the best way possible.








Best mortgage broker in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Why hire the best mortgage broker?

Are you in the search of a good mortgage broker then look no further. We at My Mortgage Broker can offer you with the best mortgage broker who can fulfill your needs without burning a hole in your pocket. Working with our competent and experienced mortgage brokers will work wonders in helping you in finding the right mortgage. The areas that we serve include the whole of Alberta and Calgary.

Benefits galore

When you join hands with our mortgage broker you can reap the following benefits namely,

  • Save you from the leg work- Our brokers have constant contact with different lenders of which some you may not know about. In fact the alternative to work with a broker indeed is calling up an end number of lenders and comparing their different mortgage rates and terms on your own. Our brokers will save you headache and time of doing this. Besides, he can really steer you away against specific lenders having onerous payment terms hidden in the mortgage contracts
  • Has more access- There are some lenders that exclusively work with our mortgage brokers and count on them as the gatekeeper for bringing them suitable clients which means they have more access. You cannot call specific lenders directly for getting a retail mortgage. Our brokers can also offer you special prices from lenders owing to the amount of business generated which may be lower compared to what you can get via your own
  • Save some fees- The truth is there are different forms of fees which can be included in taking a new mortgage and/or working with another new lender which includes appraisal fees, application fees and origination fees. Our mortgage brokers in some cases may be capable of getting lenders in waiving all or some of the fees that can save you quite a lot

If you want to reap the benefits of finding the right mortgage in a hassle-free way, then join hands with our brokers right away.


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