Alberta, Calgary Home Equity Line of Credit

Are you planning to purchase your “dream home”? Or are you willing to improve your home’s aesthetics? If yes, then be ready to splurge quite a lot of money. After all, buying or revamping a house is not just a mere payment, it’s an investment.  Don’t have much bank balance to buy or improve a house? No worries; there’s a simple thing that you can do. Just opt for a home equity line of credit. If you are thinking that it’s just another home loan, then you are mistaken. There’s a huge difference between these two loans.  A home equity line of credit is a type of loan in which the money lender agrees to lend a huge sum of money within an agreed period or term. If you are thinking that there are no such companies that can provide this loan in Alberta or Calgary, then you are mistaken. There are quite a few companies that can provide such loans. But, there’s one company that most people living in these two areas rely a lot on. Wondering which company is that? It’s none other than My Mortgage Broker.

Kinds of Home Loans/Mortgages That My Mortgage Broker Can Provide

One of the main reasons why people living in Alberta and Calgary prefer choosing My Mortgage Broker is because of our experience. The company owner/founder Mr. Steven Crews has an experience of working as a mortgage specialist for 15 years in quite a few banks. So, you can be rest assured, the solution he is going to provide you regarding loan and mortgages will be apt.

Apart from providing home equity line of credit loan, our company is also well-known for providing other loans/mortgages such as:

  • We Provide Refinance– If you are one of those homeowners who already have a mortgage, but want to search for other refinancing options just to refinance your mortgage at a lesser interest rate, then we can easily help you out. How? We will provide Refinancing to you, which will allow you to pay off your mortgage in an appropriate manner. We will also guide you to choose the ideal terms, in case you would like to refinance your home.
  • We Provide Pre-Approved Mortgage– If you have decided to purchase a new home and you want to develop a proper, step-by-step plan that leads to a successful deal, then opting for a pre-approved mortgage will be wise. Why? It’s because you need to be certain whether you can obtain financing or not. Plus, the pre-approval mortgage will also provide you with an understanding of how much you can spend. To know more about a pre-approved mortgage, call us at (403) 870-2669.

Now, when you know that we are so much versatile and can help you purchase or revamp your dream home, then wait no more. Immediately contact us. Our reputed mortgage broker will help you out at ease.

Alberta, Calgary Home Equity Line of Credit through My Mortgage Broker frees up credit in your home for other uses. Contact us today for more details!

Alberta, Calgary Debt Consolidation

Are you finding it difficult to pay off your unsecured debts? Well, then the ideal thing that you can do in such a situation is consolidating debts. Have no idea what this means? Well, debt consolidation is basically a process of merging all your unsecured debts into a single, monthly payment. Wondering, how this process can be done? That’s simple; all you need to do is take a debt consolidation loan. In case the bank turns down your request for your not-so-pleasing payment history or other reasons, then contact a reputed mortgage expert/broker. Don’t know about any mortgage expert/broker in Alberta or Calgary? Don’t worry; there are numerous companies in these areas, which are owned by mortgage experts. One such company is My Mortgage Broker.

2 Reasons to Choose My Mortgage Broker

Wondering why would you choose Steven Crews’s company ‘My Mortgage Broker’, when there are so many other companies all across Alberta and Calgary? Well, then here are some really good reasons to choose us.

  • Experience- Our mortgage expert/broker, Mr. Steven Crews has immense experience in this field. Before he started his own business as a mortgage broker, he worked for several banks as a mortgage specialist for at least 15 years. So, you can pretty well understand that he is really capable of helping you out in paying off your unsecured debts easily.
  • Wide Variety of advantages- We are one of those very few mortgage companies that can provide a wide variety of advantages. Some of the advantages that you will receive if you choose us include low Interest and high approval rates, no down payment mortgages, credit repair services as well as ongoing mortgage assistance. In fact, you can also get attentive and personalized services from us.

These were the two main reasons to choose our company, My Mortgage Broker. To know more about us, please give us a call at (403) 870-2669.


Alberta, Calgary Debt Consolidation services from My Mortgage Broker provide you a way out from under debt. Contact us today for more details.

Alberta, Calgary Best Mortgage Brokers

If you are considering buying a new home, you have to make certain financial choices. We, at My Mortgage Broker (Verico), have the right expertise, knowledge, and guidance to advocate your best interests and negotiate the best possible terms of a home mortgage for you. With our unparalleled level of expertise, high approval rates, ongoing Mortgage assistance, credit repair services, lower rates of interest, no down payment mortgages and highly attentive and personalized service, we are certainly one of the best mortgage brokers in Alberta, Calgary.

Here, are some of the brilliant services with which we can help you.

  • Pre-Approved Mortgages

Getting a pre-approved mortgage is the first step towards purchasing your home so that you can obtain the requisite financing and have an idea about your spending capabilities. You will also be able to reach a stronger negotiating position when you start the process earnestly because now, the agents, as well as the owners, will know that you have secure financing options available. We can help you with a pre-approved mortgage and also negotiate in your favor most efficiently.

  • Refinance

Do you already have a mortgage? Then, you may want to consider refinancing your mortgage at a lower rate of interest. This will also enable you to pay off your mortgage more timely. And we, at My Mortgage Broker (Verico), can guide you with the best possible terms regarding refinancing your home.

  • Home Equity Loans

If you have significant equity in your home, you will be able to take out a home equity loan. This kind of loans can help in paying off high-interest credit cards as well as consolidate your debt at a lower interest rate. You will also be able to finance for bigger plans like future studies of children, home improvement etc. We can provide you with the right terms and expert advice regarding a home equity loan.


Apart from these, we also offer a Canadian Home Customization Plan allowing you to add funds to your mortgage if you have a home customization plan in mind. In order to get our expert services or gain further information about us, please visit our website or give us a call at (403) 870-2669 now.


Alberta, Calgary Best Mortgage Brokers are found at My Mortgage Broker. Contact us today for details on services from Alberta, Calgary best mortgage brokers.

Alberta, Calgary Home Mortgages

Are you buying a house for the first time? Then, it might be quite an overwhelming task for you since you might not be quite aware of all the intricate details involved in acquiring a home loan. However, this is why you have mortgage brokers for help. We, at My Mortgage Broker (Verico), offer trusted mortgage broker service operating in Alberta, Calgary with the right qualification and experience that can advocate all our clients’ interests and also negotiate the best terms of a home mortgage for them.

Since a mortgage broker will help match your home loan requirements with a host of lenders, it is crucial to choose a knowledgeable, accredited broker who can provide you with a wide selection of lenders. Here, are a few vital tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing a mortgage broker.


  1. Get Recommendations: You should never randomly select a broker from unsolicited advertisements or merely browsing online. Always take referrals and recommendations from trusted sources that have faced a similar financial situation before and have gained fruitful service from a broker before.
  2. Effective Communication: These kinds of fiscal issues are highly complicated and can be tedious to deal with, especially for those who have not yet been exposed to the home loan process before. If you select a good mortgage broker services like us, you will be effectively communicated regarding complicated mathematical calculations and other monetary concepts. Along with this, two very important signs of a trusted broker is he or she should be patient with the questions of the borrower and at the same time, must value the time of the borrowers. Even the busiest of brokers should be corresponding with you from time to time, keeping you updated.
  3. Wide Arena of Loan Options: You should choose a company like us that can provide you a variety of loan options. Since we work with various mortgage lenders, we can provide you with multiple products so that you can choose from an extensive range of loan options.

Along with an unparalleled expertise and personalized service, My Mortgage Broker (Verico) offers you ongoing mortgage assistance, high approval rates, low rates of interest, credit repair services and no down payment mortgages. So, why delay? Call us immediately at (403) 870-2669.

Alberta, Calgary Home Mortgages from My Mortgage Broker are a sound investment in your future. Contact us today for details.

Alberta, Calgary Home Equity Line of Credit

The equity in the home is indeed the difference amid the sum you owe the mortgage lender and the worth of the property. The HELOC or the home equity line of credit will enable you in borrowing against the equity of the home in making discretionary purchases or paying off the debt. This credit akin to a credit card will allow you in borrowing to the present limit. The fact is when you pay the credit line you will be capable of using the credit again when you need it. It is called revolving debt. If you wish to reap the financial advantages of HELOC call us at My Mortgage Broker. Our service areas include the different parts of Alberta and Calgary.

Benefits galore

When you invest in home equity line of credit from us you can benefit in the following ways,

  • The interest rates charged by HELOC are lower compared to those charged via short-term loan providers and credit card companies. By using this credit for paying the highest interest debts, automatically you will be capable of paying off the debt slowly devoid of struggling with the rising charges of interest.
  • HELOC lenders will not require in paying the principal every month. If one is facing a financial bind this will prove beneficial as you can pay just the charges of the interest till the recovery of the finances.
  • The IRD will help you in claiming the interest that you pay on the home equity line of credit in the form of a tax deduction.
  • Lastly, your HELOC will work wonders in increasing the credit score.

To know more call us right away. For your convenience, we are at your service 24/7 both online and over the phone. Be rest assured you will never regret on your decision.

Alberta, Calgary Home Equity Line of Credit from My Mortgage Broker is affordable and handy! Contact us today for Alberta, Calgary home equity line of credit.

Alberta, Calgary Debt Consolidation by My Mortgage Broker

Debt is an extremely challenging thing to handle. It can result in more debt and make things worse. At times it is simpler in converging smaller debts into a single large debt which is known as debt consolidation. If you wish to reap the benefits of this miracle, call us at My Mortgage Broker. Our experts are licensed, certified and experienced and thus can help you in every step of the way to help you make an informed decision. People residing in any part of Alberta and Calgary can make the most of our services.

Benefits galore

Some of the benefits of debt consolidation are as follows,

  • Financial Simplicity- any form of debt big or small, can make life more complicated and increase stress level. To consolidate debt into a single loan will help to solve all these problems. Just a single related bill will be received every month that will make the math easier along with nullifying the stress which comes from getting a new bill.
  • Low interest and payment rates- the debts arise from different places a few of them is often through a business which do not specialize in financing like jewelry shops and car dealers. The rate of interest on these debts is likely to be high. But when all these debts are consolidated into one with a minimal rate of interest, the average rate of interest will be reduced and this in turn will make the sum owed monthly quite low.
  • Set financial goals- during a debt situation to find a goal can be hard. There are lots of bills with each having its respective goal related with it. It is here where debt consolidation can help by creating one goal which gets closer each month. Although this may take some effort and time, but the debt eventually will be paid off in total.

To know more call us today.

Alberta, Calgary Debt Consolidation by My Mortgage Broker saves you money and hassle. Contact us today for more details!

HELOC in Alberta and Calgary

If you have equity in your property you have several refinance options. A HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) is one of them. My Mortgage Broker (Verico) can help you with a HELOC refinance plan in Alberta or Calgary.

If you have enough equity in your home the you will likely qualify for a home equity loan. You can use a HELOC for home improvements, to pay off high interest debt, to pay for a holiday, for a grand child’s education, to buy a boat, for emergency funds or basically whatever you want.

A HELOC is special type of home equity loan. IT has 2 phases – the first is the draw period. The draw period is normally 10 years but sometimes can be longer. During this period, you can draw funds as agreed and you only need to cover the interest.

The second phase is the amortization period during which you pay interest and capital. Basically, you begin paying the loan back. This is when the monthly repayment can jump a lot. The more you owe, the bigger the jump in payments.

You can also refinance a HELOC to delay the amortization phase. You can refinance a HELOC with a new one, with a fixed payment home equity loan or a new primary mortgage loan.

There are many considerations when it comes to a home equity loan such as a HELOC. You must weigh up all the costs such as closing costs, monthly repayments, alternative costs and so on. Home equity loans generally have lower closing costs but higher interest rates than primary mortgage loans.

It is a good idea to consult with an experienced and reputable mortgage broker such as My Mortgage Broker (Verico) before committing to a HELOC or other type of home mortgage.

Best Mortgage Broker in Alberta and Calgary

If you are looking for the best mortgage broker in Alberta or Calgary, then you don’t need to look further than My Mortgage Broker (Verico). When you deal with a reputable mortgage broker you can expect attentive and personalised service as well as best mortgage rates and conditions.


Buying a new home is a life changing decision that involves a substantial amount of money. It is a good idea to have the best mortgage broker on your side from the start. A good broker will help you make the right decisions and get you the best deals.


A mortgage agent who has worked for banks as a mortgage specialist has the inside take on the whole process and fully understands all the intricacies involved. When you have the best mortgage broker batting for you can expect fast and effective results. Results such as pre-approved mortgage, no down payment, lowest possible interest rates, lowest closing fees and more.


Buying a new home requires several careful steps. A pre-approved mortgage is one of the first steps. This puts buying power and negotiating power in your hands. A professional broker such as My Mortgage Broker (Verico) can help get you a pre-approved mortgage.


Maybe you already own a home and thinking about home improvements. Or maybe you just wat to explore refinance options. You may well qualify for a second mortgage to finance home improvements or you could get a refinance mortgage at a lower rate. Maybe you are a senior citizen and want to utilise the equity in your home for retirement purposes. A broker can help you with a reverse mortgage. You can also use a home equity loan to pay off high interest debt.


When you want the mortgage deals it helps to work with the best mortgage broker in your area.

Calgary Alberta Canada private mortgage, mortgage lenders

How can you benefit by investing in a private mortgage?

To get a mortgage actually rests on a person’s financial situation along with getting the finest payment terms and rates. To get any form of mortgage from the bank will be difficult if your credit history is poor. It is here where choosing a private mortgage lender will help and who can be a better choice than My Mortgage Broker. Joining hands with us will be an intelligent choice and be rest assured you will not regret on your decision. People residing in any part of Alberta or Calgary can make the most of our services.

My Mortgage Broker Difference

When you join hands with us you can avail the following list of benefits namely,

  • Being a private lender, we will not insist on our client’s good credit history. We offer these mortgages to people with the existing home equity
  • Besides a mortgage we can also help you with myriad other choices such as agricultural loan or construction loan for developing a property. The best part is we can actually work with a mortgage broker for securing the finest rates of mortgage for you
  • We can assist you in getting a mortgage which will wonderfully suffice your specific needs. The icing on the cake is, we also provide flexible payment choices which will work as per your situation. So come join hands with us to enjoy peace of mind

With regards to creating a flourishing investment portfolio, diversification is the name indeed of the game. Although you can avail incredible returns from a stock market, but it comes with an extreme level of risk. Government backed securities on the other hand offer minimal risk, yet returns may not keep place especially with inflation. It is private mortgage that delivers the finest of both worlds that is a great ROI and very little risk. To know more contact us today.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada home mortgage, second mortgage

Interesting facts about second mortgage

You must have heard about second mortgage, but do you really know what it is? Well, in simple terms, it is a loan which is taken against a property’s value along with a primary mortgage. Such loans can offer you plentiful benefits. Considering its growing demand we at My Mortgage Broker offer such mortgage facilities to people residing in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Check out the different benefits

  • As it rests on the equity amount built in the home it will enable you in borrowing a huge sum with the flexibility of using the same for any purpose. When it comes to personal bank loans and credit cards these are smaller and also limited in scope.
  • With such mortgage plans you can deal with home improvement, debt consolidation, investing in properties, paying for school/college tuition or avoid the private mortgage insurance. The truth is other types of loans available will not be sufficient for covering such expenses
  • This form of loan is safer by lenders in comparison to others as it is secured via the house. Banks will get back something if you default the loan which means the borrower will score lower rates of interest in case of second mortgages compared to credit cards or unsecured loans
  • It will offer you the flexibility to borrow quite a big amount
  • It will serve as an emergency credit, which means it will prove beneficial for consolidating debt or if you face financial hardship.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned benefits that second mortgages offer, it is indeed a variable option for every homeowner who seek to consolidate his/her debt, create a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) or renovate the home. If you wish to reap the benefits of such loans get in touch with us today through phone or mail. We look forward to help you in the best way possible.