Black Diamond Mortgage Brokers, Friends South Of The Border

Black Diamond Mortgage Brokers, Friends South Of The Border

“Work hard, play hard”. That’s the motto at Black Diamond Mortgage Brokers. Who can argue with that? When you partner up with a mortgage broker, you’re guaranteed that they will be giving it all they’ve got to negotiate the best home financing package possible.

How can you be sure?

A mortgage broker doesn’t work for the bank, or any other lender. He or she is working for you. It’s a broker’s job to shop around until they find a mortgage and a lender that meets your needs. When you approach a bank for a mortgage, it’s the other way around. They expect that you will fit neatly into the criteria they have decided qualifies an individual to become a homeowner. If not, they really don’t mind that you stay stuck in your rental unit.

Thankfully, things have changed. Black Diamond is one of many home finance specialists that Steven Crews Alberta team works with to get his clients the best possible rates. The best terms for every customer, every time.

Mortgage Brokers Emerge On The Financial Scene

Recent decades have seen the emergence of a group of finance professionals that weren’t afraid to think outside of the box. Men and women who recognized the need for financial services that were inclusive. Flexible home loans geared to everyone, not just a privileged few. The mortgage brokers were born. The monopoly that the big banks had had on the mortgage market for centuries began to crumble in the 1970s.

Competition in the home finance markets was increasing. Mortgage brokers were perfectly positioned to provide top-quality customer service for their clients. Mortgage brokers are basically small business owners whose product is financial expertise and connections to hundred of different lending institutions.

Unlike banking executives, they do not operate from corner offices in centuries old historic downtown Toronto buildings. They have a team of professionals with a range of talents that work together to get you into the home you’ve been dreaming of.

Lower overhead costs, and a willingness to take on clients that the the banks have rejected, give mortgage brokers a competitive advantage. Mortgage brokers work for you, not for a particular bank or lender. They shop around to get you the best terms to suit your budget and time frame. Getting their customers into the best possible home at the most reasonable rates, is the priority of a mortgage broker.

Made In Montana; The Black Diamond Story

David Boye and Denise Hanson are the principals at Black Diamond Mortgage Brokers. Based in Montana, their team of lending professionals have years of experience helping their clients to obtain mortgages for a first home. Looking for a lender to help you with debt consolidation, purchase refinancing, or home improvement? They provide those services too, as well as many other financing options.

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