Home Loans & Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit in Calgary, AB

Home Loans & Home Equity Loans for Bad Credit in Calgary, AB

Not everyone has a stellar credit rating. Things happen. Sometimes a few bills get paid late, credit is denied, your accounts are in collection, or you’ve attempted to apply for credit too often, resulting in multiple credit inquiries. All of these things can adversely affect your credit rating, leading to a possible denial of a mortgage loan.

The folks at MyMortgageBroker.com know just how to deal with such situations. We can work with you to try and restore your positive credit history once again. Even if your history reflects bad credit, mortgage Calgary experts like us will work hard to restore, repair and build up your credit so you can gain mortgage approval to buy that dream home at last.

Steven Crews is one of our adept mortgage Calgary professionals who will guide you toward the route to home ownership, regardless of your poor credit history. There are certain lesser-known loan programs afforded by the government that may apply to people in just your situation. There are also other steps that you can take to restore your good credit standing, allowing you to be approved for the loan you need to begin your life as a proud homeowner.

Your Calgary expert will look into any government programs that you may be able to take advantage of in order to obtain a mortgage. The time you will save by reaching out to the iMortgage Solutions company will be invaluable.

Next, we will guide you through your credit history by obtaining a credit report from one of the credit bureaus. Once we see what your report contains, you can determine if anything on your history is mistaken. It’s true yet unbelievable that some people’s credit ratings have been ruined due to human error on their credit reports! When a black mark on your credit history appears by mistake or due to a misunderstanding, we can guide you to get in touch with the bureau to correct any errors and improve your ratings.

If you are seeking that stamp of approval on a mortgage loan but are still dogged by poor credit ratings, we will work closely with you to step up your numbers so you can eventually qualify for a home loan. This may take some time, perhaps as long as six months or less, but before you know it, you will finally be in the market for a mortgage and on the road to buying a home of your very own.

There are other paths that will lead you to an approved mortgage despite bad credit issues. Learn what they are and how you can achieve the stamp of approval by working with our mortgage professionals at MyMortgageBrokers.com. For a personal look at your situation, give us a call at 403-870-2669 today. Time is of the essence, so make that call today to be on the road to home ownership.

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