Mortgage Brokers & Lenders in Calgary, AB offering Affordable Housing

Mortgage Brokers & Lenders in Calgary, AB offering Affordable Housing

For many people in Calgary, home ownership may seem like an impossible dream. The city is growing. The locals prefer the term “booming”. The demand for housing can easily outstrip the supply. Your local Calgary mortgage broker, Steven Crews, has connections with Home Trust Mortgage and many other financial firms to help you successfully make a property purchase.

For some, the only available Calgary housing option is rental accommodation. But affordable rental housing does not come cheap. The competition is stiff for a reasonably well-kept space. One can only hope that it will be somewhat more spacious than a bedroom closet.

And who benefits? Landlords, of course. They can pick and choose their tenants. They can demand security and damage deposits that may never be recovered, unless you resort to arbitration. Smokers may as well be lepers. If you can afford a car, you’d better be willing to pay for a spot in your landlord’s lot to park it.

“No pets allowed!” Many landlords have no problem expecting you to dump your beloved fur-friend at the pound, if you expect the privilege of paying their mortgage on a tiny apartment. They will sleep well, even if you are separated from a critter who has seen you through the worst. Now shivering in a cage, hoping for a new home, but far more likely to be put down.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are always options available, and a local mortgage broker will know what they are, and where to find them. Steven Crews Calgary team has spent years working with financial institutions like the Home Trust Mortgage Company. They are the city’s specialists in finding mortgage solutions for individuals in unique circumstances. Small business owners, recent immigrants and young families don’t match the cookie-cutter client profile of the big banks. Hence, they get refused home financing.

It never hurts to get professional financial advice and Steven Crews has carefully selected a team of Calgary mortgage specialists that are available to do just that. Reliable, honest, information about the options that are available to you, regardless of your situation. You may be pleasantly surprised.

For those who are working, the booming economy has benefits and drawbacks. Higher wages make higher rents and mortgage rates manageable. It may be easier to find well-paying, full-time positions that can keep the cash flowing. But at the same time, you’ll be paying more for food, accommodation, gas and other necessities.

Certain segments of our population find it especially difficult to secure reasonably priced housing. Our senior citizens are particularly vulnerable. As Calgary thrives, property prices rise and affordable options are harder to come by. Senior citizens cannot take on a second job to cover rising costs. The vast majority are already retired and may have health issues to deal with.

Affordable housing for senior citizens is an issue that cities across Canada are struggling to come to terms with. Calgary and Alberta’s economy is thriving. For those who are retired, rising rental or housing costs cannot be offset by a rising income. In many cases, senior citizens may be financially reliant on a pension that is static or even shrinking.

Back east, the Ontario affordable housing program is attempting to address the same issues facing prospective home owners in Alberta. As everyone knows, affordable housing in Toronto is difficult to come by. Fortunately, sound financial advice is not. Call your Calgary-based mortgage broker at 403 870 2669 to explore your options. If anyone can make home ownership a reality for you, it’s Steven Crews and his team of experts.

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