About Steven Crews and iMortgage Solutions

About Steven Crews and iMortgage Solutions

A Problem Solver

Steve Crews Mortgage Broker Calgary

When you work with someone who has a passion for what they do it shows. This is clear with Calgary mortgage advisor Steven Crews. He is well known in the community for his calm, approachable and professional manner. He takes the time to listen to and build rapport with each of his clients. “Managing finances shouldn’t be complicated,” says Steve. “I treat every client case differently. I look for the best solution for their individual situation.”

“I was a first time home buyer who really knew nothing other than what a fixed and variable mortgage rate was, Steve had the patience to sit down with me several times, explaining several unfamiliar concepts, giving me the opportunity to understand all my different options before asking his advice on the best route for me to take, bearing in mind I knew very little in regards to the mortgage and interest world. He was very professional and great to work with! I would highly recommend Steve’s services to anyone interested in buying a home.”

– Dalton Ozorio


Steven’s passion for finance started at a young age. He always had an interest in real estate and numbers. By age 16 he was working part-time as a teller at a bank, and after university worked his way up to management. While he enjoyed the work he felt limited in what he could offer his clients, so in 2010 became an independent mortgage advisor. As an independent advisor Steven now has access to over 30 lenders and even more products. With so many options available and his in-depth knowledge of the banking world, Steven knows there is a better chance of finding the right fit for his clients. “I like going
home at night knowing I have made a difference in the life of one of my clients,” adds Steve.

While he has received awards for his work over the years, Steven says his greatest compliments are the many referral and repeat clients who call. His clients speak of his patience, answering their questions in detail, solving their financial problems, and his superior industry knowledge.

First Hand Knowledge

But there is more than that. As a husband and father of four Steven personally understands how a family budget can be pulled in many directions. His creative thinking offers his clients the opportunity to pay off their home sooner, consolidate debt, and use their home equity to finance their children’s education.

Steven Crews’ team at Verico iMortgage Solutions in Calgary can help you save money when you purchase a home, refinance your existing home, or when your mortgage comes up for renewal. They work one-on-one with you and let the banks compete for your business.

Do you have a mortgage question? Give Steven a call today! (403) 870-2669 or contact us.

The Advantage of Working With a Mortgage Broker

While the traditional financial institutions only provide information on the mortgage products they sell, the expert advisors at iMortgage Solutions help their clients decide which financial institution and specific mortgage offer suits them best. The team is aware of the importance of mortgages and their financial stake for individuals, especially those buying properties for the first time. Steven Crews and his team have in-depth knowledge of financing and debt consolidation loans, which helps them design strategies for borrowing that suits each individual client.

Whether you are purchasing a home for the first-time or upgrading, it’s important to find out what you are qualified to borrow before starting your search for a home. The team at Verico iMortgage Solutions will ensure you are ready.

“If you are looking for the best mortgage for your home, Calgary mortgage broker Steven Crews has a lot of experience in the lending business and can get you the best mortgage at the lowest rate, possibly even from your own bank because he gets all of the major banks and lenders to compete for your business. Better yet – there is no charge for his services as the lenders pay him for bringing them so much business. If you’re looking for a mortgage in Calgary, I highly recommend Steven Crews.”

– Randy McCord


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