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Mortgage Advisor, Broker, & Specialist Steven Crews offers The Best Mortgage Rates for Home Equity Loans, Pre-Approved and Second Mortgages in Calgary, Alberta.

Steven Crews - My Mortgage Broker, Calgary Welcome, Calgary homeowners and future Calgary homeowners, Steven Crews here. As a Calgary Mortgage Broker, I can certainly help you to get the best rates and the best mortgage deal because my team and I work with many different mortgage lenders. However, more than that, we are committed to making a difference for our clients. We are your advocate. So many people talk about and/or ask about the best mortgage rate, but if that rate comes with additional fees, restrictions and stipulations, then you might be getting the "best rate", but your not getting the best mortgage! We help you uncover the hidden costs and stipulations so that you can be an informed consumer. We pull back the curtain for you. You will understand what is involved in the process of getting a mortgage. You will be kept informed. You will have choice and you will understand the different options and choices you are making. Many of my clients have saved thousands of dollars because they made the right choice up front. Sometimes, the choice that they made wasn't obvious when they compared the best mortgage rates offered by different lenders. In fact, the lender with the best mortgage rate would have cost them thousands 2 years later when they sold their home. But with our guidance, our clients make the right choices for their needs and save thousands of dollars because of it. That's why our clients call us the Best Mortgage Broker in Calgary! In Alberta! Once you set up the mortgage, we can also show you simple strategies.  For example, if you do it right, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest by making a few changes to your payments. Knock off up to 10 years from the life of your mortgage.

First Time Home Buyer?

Are you a first time home buyer? Did you know there are 2 advantages you receive over other home purchasers? Find out what these are here,

Looking For a Pre-Approved Mortgage

Whether you are purchasing your first home or your next home, it's really important to find out how much you qualify for before you start searching for a home. If it's your first place, you don't want to fall in love with something, then find out you can't buy it. If it's your next home, you may find out that you can qualify to purchase that home without having to sell your existing home right away. That can give you more negotiation power and potentially help you get a better price! We have all sorts of information about the mortgage pre-approval process here:

Canadian Home Customization Plan

Did you know that you could get additional funds to customize your next home? We can help you to take advantage of a little known government program where you can get up to $40k of additional cash to make your next home purchase your dream home purchase. My clients just love this program and 90% of them take advantage of this in one way or another. Check out how this works...
Let Me Shop All of the Canadian Banks For You To Get The Lowest Rate Possible, Without Hurting Your Credit Rating
Having worked for 2 of Canada’s largest banks as a Mortgage Lender/Bank Manager for over 10 years, I am very familiar with how the banks operate - and why using a mortgage broker allows you to shop for the lowest rate possible, with all of the Canadian Banks and Lending Institutions, without hurting your credit rating. If you tried to do that yourself, each bank that you filled out an application with, would hurt your credit rating. When I do it for you, I get you the lowest rate possible and it doesn’t negatively affect your credit rating. Plus, because of my experience in the industry, I have many connections that no one else has.

Get The Steven Crews Advantage...

Take Advantage of My 10 Years Experience with a Major Canadian Bank:
  • I have helped people get the lowest mortgage rate possible - even at their own bank
  • I have gotten people who had been turned down by their bank approved
  • I have gotten first time home buyers with no down payment approved
  • I have gotten self-employed people with no proof of income approved
  • I can help you repair your credit
  • I can come to you if necessary
  • I can help you save tens of thousands of dollars in penalties by negotiating with your bank and utilizing some little known strategies.

It's Still Possible To Buy A Home With No Down Payment

There are government programs available that will allow you to purchase a home with as little as zero down. If You Don't Qualify, and not everyone does, I teach home buyers 10 strategies that they can use to find the down payment necessary to purchase their dream home.

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